What to put in a care package for your boyfriend

What to put in a care package for your boyfriend

So you want to make a care package for your boyfriend? Well let’s start with figuring out what one even is … A care package is a collection of items put together for a friend or loved one, like a boyfriend. You don’t have to just make a care package for his birthday, for Christmas, or your anniversary. You can make him a care package to just show that you care.


To make a care package you need to start by figuring out how big it’s going to be. So gather your shipping box first and that will determine just how many things you need to add in. Luckily you’ll be adding in fun items like colored tissue paper and confetti to help fill up some of the empty space in the box. You’ll want to avoid things like scented candles and bath bombs. Yeah, they make great gifts for your girlfriend’s but this is a care package for a guy, and they don’t tend to like those things.

What to put in a care package for your boyfriend

What to put in a care package for your boyfriend

  • A framed photo of you.
  • A photobook with pictures of the two of you together.
  • Candy like Dove Promises Dark Chocolate or Hershey’s Kisses.
  • Travel-sized bottles of cologne.
  • Heart-shaped breath mints.
  • A handwritten love note or poem.
  • A map marked with places you want to visit together.
  • A disposable camera so he can take pictures to send to you.
  • Monogrammed hand towels.
  • A gourmet jar of salted peanuts.
  • A cookbook of his favorite type of food.
  • Grab a DVD of his favorite movie or a movie you both enjoyed together.
  • A book by his favorite author.
  • A pair of your panties!
  • Make your own game of truth or dare – print out the cards and include them.
  • If a holiday is near included goodies from that holiday like Candy Canes for Christmas.
  • A deck of playing cards.
  • ‘I love you ‘coupons – yes I mean the naughty kind you hand make!
  • An extra charging cord for his phone or a portable USB charger.
  • A customized bottle of hand sanitizer (from VistaPrint).
  • If your boyfriend is local, make him some homemade cupcakes.

The idea here is to put together a box of items that show him you care and that you’re thinking of him. Don’t think about spending a ton of money, instead think about personalized items that you can make him. Write him a love note, take a saucy picture of yourself, or draw him a picture. Of course, you’ll want to include their favorite candy and junk food.

The best boyfriend care packages are ones that come from the heart.

If you want to make something truly customized like a calendar with a picture of you (or the both of you), check out sites like VistaPrint.

Need a love poem idea? Here’s one written by Shelagh Bullman.


Every time you say I love you,
My heartbeat goes insane.
The sensation of your love for me
Is almost like a pain.

And the sparkle in your eyes
Every time we speak,
It sends shivers down my spine
And makes my body weak.

Every time you say I love you,
Your smile lights up my face,
Makes me melt all over,
While my heart begins to race.

And when you kiss me softly,
My lips quiver at the touch.
I am overwhelmed with joy
That you love me very much.

My whole being surrenders
With everything you do,
And all because those precious words
You say …. are …. I LOVE YOU.


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What to put in a care package for your boyfriend

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