What to wear? What to wear? What to wear?

What to wear? What to wear? What to wear?

Dear Tracy, I’m going on my first date with a guy I’ve secretly had a crush on forever. The problem is, the date is his office Christmas party. What do I wear? I want to look sexy but still dress appropriately for the event. What do I do? What do I wear? Any help would be appreciated.

Someone once said that the little black dress was the answer for all occasions but I think that person was wrong. Sometimes a tiny little black cocktail dress, really just isn’t appropriate, and that sometimes is most especially at office events. Even if it is not your office, if you like the guy you don’t want to make him look bad, now do you? Just because an office function is after hours doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to dress flashy or wear a revealing outfit. Doing so is a recipe for career suicide. The length of your dress is important and it should hit about to your knees and not be really tight-fitting either. And whatever you do, do not show any cleavage and yes girls, that means you need to put away the push-up bra, at least for this one night.

You should always err on the side of being overdressed and too conservative rather than being under-dressed or too slutty. Plus it’s the holidays so you should always take it up a notch. Look for fabrics in metallic colors. Find a classy dress that makes you sparkle. Remember there is never a downside to a touch of glamour and that especially is the case during the holiday season since you are attending this event as a date, you really want to dress to impress and since sexy is out, glamour is the way to go.

So if you have a little black dress that is actually metallic black that is at least knee-length and not too low cut then you might just have the perfect little black dress for the occasion.  Here is a visual idea of what I mean. Pretty fabric but not too revealing.

Perfect Office Party Dress


Also a few other tips for his office party.  Don’t drink or eat too much.  No matter what other people may say, never say anything negative about any subject or person.  Don’t be that person.  Always keep subjects light and uplifting.  In other words, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.



What to wear? What to wear? What to wear?

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