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When do you send out wedding announcements?

Hello! I’m Macy Manners and I’m here to help with all your questions regarding proper attire, rules of social graces and online etiquette. Feel free to send in your questions and I’ll try and answer them in a future article.

Today we are talking about wedding announcements, which are not to be confused with wedding invitations.

A wedding invitation, as the name suggests is an invitation to attend your wedding ceremony. A wedding announcement is sent to simply announce the event has happened.

Wedding announcements are usually sent to anyone who was not invited to the wedding but may wish to hear the news of your marriage.

Announcement cards will need to be prepared in advance are sent the day after the wedding, and need not be acknowledged. They should be prepared beforehand and ready to be mailed.

When do you send out wedding announcements?

The expense is traditionally borne by the family of the bride.

However, it’s not uncommon in modern weddings to send them digitally. However, for the more traditional bride or for a formal ceremony, these are really something that should be printed out and sent via postal mail.

If you elope, then sending out a wedding announcement to all of your friends and family is common. In this case, you can even make reference to the fact that you eloped in the announcement itself.

When do you send out wedding announcements?

So what should your announcement look like? Often times couples will choose a design that is similar to that of the original invitation.

However, it’s become more common to have a less formal announcement, that often includes a photo of the happy couple.

When do you send out wedding announcements?


If you want to wait until your wedding photos come back in, you can include some images from your wedding itself in your announcement.

When do you send out wedding announcements?

Just don’t wait too long to send out the announcements.  It’s proper etiquette to send them out right away. Anything over 30 days would be in bad taste.





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