When will men get it? NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A woman by the name of Julia posted her story today on twitter talking about her horrific experience with being on Tinder.

i rejected a man today, who found me off tinder but we did not match. this is how the conversation ended after i said 6 times i was not interested.



Long story short, Julia joined Tinder and didn’t like someone so she asked him to stop messaging her multiple times. This man, however, wasn’t having it.

His response? No. He doesn’t accept irrational things. She’s on a dating site so she apparently owes him a date.

The guy was over the top and just can’t seem to understand that NO MEANS NO!

This is the type of things that happen all the time. Last week Girl Scouts of America released a report that found that 1 in 10 girls are catcalled before their 11th birthday.

Many men think catcalling is a compliment but in reality, it’s just the opposite. It’s alienating and embarrassing.  It’s dehumanizing and it’s about control.

Catcalls are directives — Turn around! Come talk to me! Let me see that smile!— which assume at their most basic level an ownership of the woman being catcalled. These aren’t innocuous or playful requests; they are symptoms of entitlement, and messages that women don’t deserve control over their own bodies.

 It’s invasive and scary.  It’s street harassment.

Men don’t seem to understand that a woman can’t walk down the street on her own or even go to a bar and order a drink.  If we don’t like a guy, we can’t dare and tell the truth. If we do, we know what might come.

When will men get it? NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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