Where can you meet men?

Where can you meet men?

I was at a party last weekend and somehow we got on the subject of meeting men. One of the female friends said the best place to meet a guy was at the gym. Her boyfriend was quick to disagree, saying that no man wants to be thought of as a creep by hitting on a girl at the gym so most men are not likely to talk to a girl, any girl at the gym, even if he likes her. It’s like men are trained to avoid talking to females at all costs at the gym.

So it got me thinking, where is the best place to meet a man? And by meet a man, of course, I mean find a man looking for a real relationship, not just a one-night stand.


Do you go to dating sites like Match or hook up sites like Tinder? Or what about work or at the grocery store?

After a little research, and by research I mean I surveyed 20 males and 20 females that were in a relationship and 20 males and 20 females who were single.

So what did they come up with?

The best way to meet a guy is from a friend. The best idea I heard from all of them without a doubt had to be a “bring a friend party”.

Every person must bring a single friend that they are not interested in dating. If 20 people go to the party, they will bring 20 single friends. That gives you 20 chances of finding your true love!

  • The #1 place not to go to find a guy? A bar. The guys you meet at a bar aren’t looking for love.
  • The #2 place not to meet a guy looking for anything more than a one night stand? Tinder

Another decent answer that stuck out for me was to do like-minded things. If you are looking for a guy who is religious then go to Church to find a man. Sign up for those single activities. If you like extreme sports then go take a sky diving class. Chances are you’ll meet a guy who also has the same interests as you.


If you want a guy who likes to cook, why not take a cooking class?

There are lots of guys out there looking to meet a girl just like you. Just think about what you would like in a man and then go do those things. If you like a man who is healthy, walk in the park. If you like dogs, walk a dog in the park. Even if you don’t own a dog, walk a friend’s dog. Then maybe you’ll meet a guy who is walking his dog in the park.






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Where can you meet men?

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