How to meet guys without online dating

How to meet guys without online dating

While some people are more than happy to install an app like Tinder to hook up with a guy. But not everyone wants their love story to start with a swipe right. So that leaves some girls wanting to know, where to meet single men?

Times have changed since our mother met our father and our grandmother met our grandfather but obviously, our thoughts on dating haven’t evolved much because for some reason people still think the best place to meet people is at a bar and you know what, they couldn’t be more wrong. Bars are loud and they automatically put people on the defensive and add in the effects of alcohol and it makes it even worse. Long story short, if you want to meet Mr. Fabulous, this is how to meet guys without online dating.


How to meet guys without online dating


I know, I know ….. we’ve all heard what a bad idea it is to date someone from work but in reality, we spend half of our lives at work and that means you are most likely to meet someone while at work. My advice, however, is to play it on the safe side and avoid dating co-workers that you closely work with. Instead, look for people who work in other departments or floors. Maybe a contractor or even someone who works in the same building but for another company.


If you are religious, what better way to meet a guy of your same faith than at church? This one is such a no-brainer as almost every church has functions for young, singles. If you haven’t been to church in ages, start going, girls. Some of the best guys are there, just waiting for you!

Homes and parties of friends


The only way to meet someone is to get yourself out there and that especially means parties that your friends or friends of friends are having. If your friends don’t seem to have that many social gatherings, start encouraging them to have them and offer to help with the cooking, cleaning, or organizing of it. If they say someone at work is having a party you immediately say GREAT, let’s go before they have the chance to say they don’t want to go. When someone is at their friend’s house they are more relaxed than they would be at a bar. It’s also not as loud and if you find some hot guy you like, there is no doubt someone there that can tell you more about it.


Most weddings have a wedding party. This includes the best man and his groomsmen and some of those guys could be single! The thing about friends is that (although not always) but typically when something happens to one friend, it slowly begins to happen to all of them. In other words, one of them gets married, they all start to get married. One of them buys a house, they all start to do it. One of them has a baby, they all start to do it. I’m sure there is some psychological reason behind this but who cares … all you need to know is that if you want to meet men, start accepting those wedding invitations.

Conferences and Conventions

Work-related conferences can be a good way to meet a man but they can also be a good way to meet a sleazeball. Be wary ladies of the man on the prowl, looking for a weekend tryst before he returns home to his wife or girlfriend. If you meet a man at a convention, DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM! Spend this time getting to know him. I’ve never known anyone to meet a guy at a convention, who slept with him and kept in contact with him after that show was over. So yes, you can meet some men here but be warned …. we all know how men are. So play it smart and you could just bag yourself a great guy.

Social and Community Organizations

Interested in politics or helping the homeless? Then volunteer! Think of how many great men you could meet all while doing something worthwhile. I have a friend who was very passionate about politics so a few years ago a candidate was running for office that she just wouldn’t shut up about. I finally talked her into going down to his campaign office to volunteer and you know what? She not only had a great, fulfilling time but she also met her future husband … a lawyer no less!

Public Transportation – Bus Stops, Train Stations, Airports

Everyone always seems to have somewhere to go and that includes men. So what better place to meet a man than a man on the go? Truth is, you never know where Cupid will strike unless you get out there and start looking. You have to be in a place to run into someone and what better place than somewhere with a ton of men? Men have to get places too you know.


Every young single man no doubt from time to time has to do laundry, so instead of sending your comforter out, take it to your local laundromat next time and wash it yourself in one of their oversized washers. The great thing about men who do their own laundry is you know he’s not a mamma’s boy and independent enough to do his own wash.


Men and women have one thing in common and that’s the fact that we all have to eat to survive. So next time you head off to your local supermarket, take a few extra moments to get all decked out because you never know what stud you may run into in the dairy aisle.

Class Reunions

In school, he may have been a dork but you never know if he grew up to be a hottie unless you go to your next class reunion. There are however a few things you should keep in mind when attending a class reunion and that is 1) don’t get drunk and make an ass of yourself. 2) People lie. If someone claims to be a Microsoft Millionaire, check it out. There is a good chance he is lying. However, there is also the chance he is telling the truth so do some digging. A good way to scope out potential dating candidates is to volunteer ahead of time. Join your reunion planning committee. By doing this you get a list of people coming and their submitted bios including their marital status and current line of employment. I’m not saying only go for rich guys but let’s be real, you don’t want some loser who is divorced 7 times with 19 kids and works at McDonald’s.

Health Clubs

Joining a health club is great for many reasons the least of which is getting in shape as the better you feel about yourself, the more others will be attracted to you. But the extra benefit of joining a health club is all the great guys you can meet there.


Men love sports and cars and that means they go to sporting goods and auto supply stores so you should too. Next time you have to buy a gift for a co-worker why not buy them something nifty at the sporting good store? It’s the perfect excuse to go there if you aren’t too into sports yourself. Another good place to shop for a man is your local bookstore. Just avoid the self-help section.

Sporting events

Most men love sports. That’s just a fact of life and if you happen to have a remote interest in them too then why not attend local games? Sporting events are full of one thing …… M E N!


Adult education classes are a great way to meet men on their way up! A lot of men have to take classes for work-related reasons or just for plain fun and it can be an amazing way to improve your life and meet the man of your dreams. Look at your local community college for short (4 or 6 weeks) courses on something of interest to you. These short classes are usually cheap, sometimes even free and can be a lot of fun!


Talk about killing two birds with one stone … if you volunteer at a nonprofit you can not only do some good but you might also meet a great guy! Single guys do volunteer sometimes. And the type of guy you’ll meet while volunteering will probably be a good-quality, nice guy you can bring home to Mom. If you’re in the same volunteering group, you can chat with him, mention you’re going to be volunteering at another event next weekend, and ask him if he’d like to join you.

How to meet guys without online dating


I know when someone says where can I meet a single man, they wouldn’t immediately think of a restaurant, that’s normally where you would go once you meet a man. But I’ve had a few friends try this trick and it worked. Oddly enough it was at TGI Friday’s each time, but any restaurant with a bar will work. Or really I guess the bar isn’t a must-have, but in the case of my friends, each of them went to Friday’s after work for a drink. They saw a sexy guy and had the waitress sent them a drink. Three different friends have tried this and it worked for each of them. Maybe it will do the same for you.

In the end, the best way to meet a man is to be yourself and find things of interest to you. By doing things to improve your own life you’ll not only find yourself happier but also find a man that has similar interests. Take a class – not online, but one where you have to actually go there in person. If you take a class because you’re interested in cooking, you’ll find a man who is also interested enough in cooking to take that same class. So now you just met a man who already has something in common with you!

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How to meet guys without online dating

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  4. LOL, WEDDINGS. If you meet a man at a wedding, it’ll more than likely he’s married and his wife forced him into it. If anyone thinks these are good ideas, two words: Get laid Wait, you can’t NVM

  5. what ever happened to running into Mr. Right on the street? Like in those old romantice movies, where there eyes meet from across the room and they both know inside there hearts that they were meant for each. Where, oh where heartless world has love gone?

  6. I belive that it really dont matter where you meet the guy. A guy is the way he is no matter where you meet him. He will always be one way when you meet him and some how be different later on. A man will do and say anything to get you to think hes the one, and when he has you its a totally different story. Most of all I know that a few men like that should not make the rest look bad. There are a few good ones left. The hard part is finding the one out of a million. Because even the greatest man in your eyes will even turn out to be a snake in the grass and that is from experience.

  7. Of course there is always the ONE PLACE where you will meet a million jerks but then spot a Mr. Right out of the corner of your eye… RESTURANTS! (especially those with European Seating)

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