Review of Why are YOU still Single?

Review of Why are YOU still Single?

Why are YOU still Single is a contemporary romance by Anna York. Anna York brings us the follow-up to her debut novel How to Suck at Dating Without Even Trying and once again bringing her optimism, cynicism, humor, and sarcasm back to the dating game. The people closest to Elena are getting married- her cousin, her sister, and even her best friend, and yet she carries on alone and content. Everyone seems to have an issue with Elena’s status except her. She’s even reminded at her sister’s wedding that she’s still single and no one likes it. A shocking revelation forces Elena to make a change for herself in hopes that a change of scenery will bring a change of luck as she moves to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and finds herself tempted with a future in paradise.


Review of Why are YOU still Single?

Why are YOU still Single? is now available at Amazon

  • Title: Why are YOU still Single?
  • Raina Rating: 1 out of 10
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Author: Anna York

Why are YOU still Single? Let me give you a hint … because you are a stuck up snooty bitch. No seriously … you don’t need to get two minutes into this book without knowing the answer. If anyone was ever going to write one of those self help books about dating and relationships then they might want to read this book, in regards to what NOT to do and how NOT to act. People don’t seem to realize that they put off a kind of vibe and when you are bitter and full of hate then you are going to turn people off.

Have you ever read a book where the main character is so absolutely unlikable that you find yourself really struggling to make it to the next chapter? If not then clearly you haven’t read this book yet.

The main character of this book is someone who thinks very highly of herself.  She also think that most men suck and that the reason she is still single at her age (30 or whatever) is because most men are stupid. She’s highly judgmental and thinks she is single because of bad luck or a curse. It never seemed to hit her that maybe she is still single because nobody could stand being around her for more than 5 minutes.

It wasn’t that the writing was that bad, but it wasn’t that great. The formatting for kindle was problematic and as such there was no unable table of contents.

I hate to be mean, I really do but sometimes you read a book like this one and want to contact the author with a list of suggested doctors they might want to visit.


The scariest part of all is that when you read the author’s profile it says “Anna York is the consumate single girl who prides herself on giving great advice at being single.”

Anna York if you want to know why you are single, let me just share one tiny bit of advice with you … it’s because of you. Get over yourself already. You aren’t better than everyone else. Your education doesn’t somehow make you special and trying to use it to put yourself above others only holds you back from finding true happiness.

For the love of all things holy, stop writing and go get some help. Seriously.

And to anyone out there thinking of taking advice on being single from Anna York RUN GIRL RUN! Run as fast as you can because trust me when I say, the last thing you want to do is follow any advice this person has to give.

Review of Why are YOU still Single?

I give Why are YOU Still Single by Anna York a big fat SKIP IT. I think after reading my review you can totally get why I say that, right?



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Review of Why are YOU still Single?

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