Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

People often ask me, “why did my boyfriend cheat on me?” and it’s an amazingly complicated question to answer because there are a lot of reasons why men cheat. Not to worry, I’ve done the research to find out what those reasons are!

Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?



When asked, only 44% of men admit to cheating. The real numbers however are probably much higher.  Some say as much as 75% of men cheat. I hope that number isn’t true, but needless to say, a large number of men cheat. The question is, why?

One of the biggest misconceptions about cheating is that men stray because they’ve fallen out of love. But when you really sit down and start talking to men who have cheated you find that isn’t always the case.  So what are the reasons then that men cheat? Well … let’s look at some of the reasons given.

  • Things between me and my girlfriend weren’t going well and I ran into my ex and it just sort of happened.
  • It took me a while to really examine why I did it but I guess in the end it boiled down to resentment. I resented that she loved her work more than me.
  • I felt like I was getting the same old thing. I just needed some other sex.
  • It’s just easier to find someone else who does make you happy every now and then than it is to face the difficulty of a breakup.
  • I just wanted to be with someone without all the hassles.
  • I felt unappreciated.
  • All my girlfriend (or wife) does is nag. I wanted to get laid without all the bitching.
  • I met her at work. She made me feel appreciated.
  • My girlfriend doesn’t respect me. My side piece does.
  • I don’t know, I guess I was just bored.
  • She wasn’t meeting my emotional needs.
  • It wasn’t about sex for me. I just wanted to be with someone who didn’t judge me, yell at me, treat me like a child.
  • I wanted to try something different and my girlfriend wasn’t open to it.
  • I knew my girlfriend wasn’t the one for me so I guess I just didn’t care enough to stay faithful.
  • I was unsatisfied with my sex life so I went to find satisfaction outside of the relationship.
  • I cheated because I felt like my girlfriend wasn’t paying attention to me. I mean, to be honest, her Instagram likes mattered more to her than me.
  • I guess I cheated because our relationship lacked intimacy. But now we are working on rebuilding things and we make an effort to make time for each other.
  • I hate to admit it because it makes me sound like a dick, but I cheated because my wife doesn’t look like she used to. When we got together she was hot, but now 40 pounds later, not so much.
  • I guess it was because I was disappointed in how the relationship was going.
  • I cheated because I just didn’t care anymore. I knew I was going to leave her eventually so I didn’t give it a 2nd thought when it came to cheating on her.
  • All we ever did was fight about money. I wanted intimacy, not a conversation about our finances,
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Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

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