Why do some men overreact to rejection?

Why do some men overreact to rejection?

I came across this tweet where a girl was talking about her friend. She tells the story of how a guy asked her out. When she suggested a different cafe, he went off on her. This is his response ….

The kind of girl I’m looking for would say “yes, great, see you there” to my offer, she would then show up on time, we would have a drink there, then if the vibe was good walked to my place, hooked up and potentially have something good together on a regular basis.

Any other response to me shows either low interest / respect or a tendency to be masculine, bossy, potential for future power struggles etc. I like my girls to be feminine, submissive, cooperating, happy for the opportunties I create.

Of course, a story like this isn’t a shock to any woman who has spent 5 minutes on a dating site. The second you reject a guy, they turn downright savage.



As it turns out, there is a reason that some men do this. There is even a name for it. It’s called Rejection-sensitive dysphoria.

Rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is when you experience severe emotional pain because of a failure or feeling rejected.

In other words, some men are extra sensitive to rejection and overreact when they think a girl is rejecting them. They take it way too personally and don’t handle it well.

Some men will even go as far as to try and guilt you into talking to them by saying things like oh, sorry, I did that because my mom died or even worse, like, with this guy …


The question is, why is it so common for men on dating apps?

I get that nobody likes rejection. But the verbal abuse by men is getting out of hand.

I finally get why nice guys finish last. It’s because they are completely unhinged.

This kind of behavior is not okay. It will never be okay, and trying to justify it by saying you’re a “nice guy” then that just makes you pathetic.

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Why do some men overreact to rejection?

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