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Why Does My Boyfriend Always Put Me Down?

Why Does My Boyfriend Always Put Me Down?

Are you noticing some mean jokes from your boyfriend? Or are you seeing he is being a jerk in general? Or even worse, whenever he talks about you, he mentions terrible things or makes fun of you around people. I so hope that’s not the case, but it’s a sad reality for quite a few women out there.

Is this something you should care about, or is it just another thing that happens in every relationship? Yes, this is something you should worry about. This isn’t healthy to treat someone you are supposed to care about in this manner.  This isn’t healthy, nor is it normal. But the question is, why does your boyfriend always put you down?  Well, that’s what we are here to explore today.


Your boyfriend being mean to you is not something that you can or should ignore. This behavior is absolutely not okay.

There might be several reasons why this happens all the time.

5 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Always Put You Down:

Relationship experts and psychologists who study relationships have various reasons why your boyfriend always puts you down, but here we will discuss and explore five reasons why he does that.

  1. He Wants Breakup
  2. Your Relationship Is Incompatible
  3. He Feels Insecure With You
  4. This Is How He Behaves
  5. He Is Into Someone Else

1. He Wants Breakup:

The first intention that makes him insult you or be mean to you is he wants to break up. This is the most commonly observed reason that if men are not interested in a woman anymore, they start to be mean to their girls and insult them around people.

This could be your case, but this is not something that starts out of nowhere. There must be some clues that indicate his lack of interest in you and why he wants to part ways with you.


In a relationship, each partner has to stand beside their partner and always support and appreciate others’ presence. If this basic essence of a relationship has vanished, there is no life left in a relationship. This is the most common reason observed in relationships: when men find themselves in a relationship, they do not want to continue and don’t know how to end this.

Although this is not the case in general, this is an observed reason why boyfriends are mean to their girls.

2. Your Relationship Is Incompatible:

Compatibility is another reason that makes boyfriends mean to their girls and makes them put their girlfriends down. Consider a man who is a professional video game player, and he ends up with a girl who hates video games and does not consider it as a career or profession. What do you think about this relationship? Will it work fine?

Definitely not. Consider yourself in this scenario and think about you being compatible with your boy or vice versa. If you love to listen to opera in theaters and want him to be with you even if you know he hates it, this can be something that makes him do that. Or your boyfriend is a die-hard soccer fan and expects you to watch all the games with him, and you hate it. These are some good examples of how things can be in your case and make him put you down because he doesn’t think that this relationship is working.

3. He Feels Insecure With You:

If your boyfriend is being mean to you and putting you down around people, and always talking bad about you, he feels insecure with you. Why does he feel insecure around you? The most common reason for that is that he lacks your qualities. If you are growing in your professional career or people like your company but he, on the other hand, is not doing much in his life might cause him to insult you.

By doing so, he wants to feel like the dominant one and make people think he is controlling and the one who is more successful. These types of people are toxic and can cause mental stress to their partners.

Consider your case as this one, and if this is the case, you have to consider being in a relationship with a guy who is kind of jealous of your success.

4. This Is How He Behaves:

It can be his personality to be mean to people around him. This happens because either his friend circle or his family treats each other this way. This reason can not be accused of insulting his girl and being mean to her. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Just because it is how he behaves doesn’t mean you should just accept it.

You have to observe and dig a bit to know that this is the way he usually acts around people he knows. If this is the case, talk to him about how you feel about him behaving this way, or talk to his friends or family members to convey your message about how you feel about his behavior.

When you watch the replay of your interactions with your boyfriend, ask yourself if you were disrespectful. Did you roll your eyes or criticize him?

Sometimes, what men and women consider disrespectful are just not the same.

It is possible that he will stop behaving this way and make his behavior better. It is possible he doesn’t realize he’s even doing it, and in some rare cases, once the situation is brought to his attention, he’ll stop doing it.

5. He Is Into Someone Else:

This reason is somehow similar to the first reason we discussed the breakup. If your boyfriend is looking at someone else while in a relationship with you, he might insult you around people to make that other person happy or make you part ways by yourself.

This will reduce his guilt and lessen his struggle to break up with you. You can easily find this cause by simply digging a bit about it.

It is your call to decide what you want to do with such a guy.  But in the end, know, you deserve better.

This sort of toxic behavior is never okay. And you should never just put up with all. Nobody should put up with being made to feel less than. That’s not okay. That’s never okay – especially from the one person that they care about.

With all the possible reasons in your mind, it is your call to decide what is good for you and how you want to continue with this kind of person. Talk to some of your friends with whom you think you get the best advice before making a decision.

Or you can talk to your boyfriend about how you feel and what you expect from him; if things don’t work out for you, it is your call to make a decision because you deserve better.

Please don’t put up with this kind of toxic, abusive behavior from anyone. If you bring it to your boyfriend’s attention and he still puts you down, you have to do the right thing for your mental health and well-being and move on to someone who treats you right.


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Why Does My Boyfriend Always Put Me Down?

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