Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me?

Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me?

If you’re like me, you have no doubt found yourself asking, why does my boyfriend ignore me? What does it mean? And more importantly, how can I make my boyfriend take interest in me again?

In a relationship, there are different phases where each of you feels that there is something wrong with the other one. In this case, if you think that your boyfriend is ignoring you a lot for several reasons, reading this might help you get the answer and how you can fix it yourself. 


At first, you have to make sure that what you are feeling is right or that it is just your imagination making you feel this way. If you’re sure you’re correct, then let’s talk about some of the reasons why your boyfriend might ignore you.

Before getting into reasons, it is important to know what is actually meant to be ignored. 

  • Is he ignoring your texts?
  • You find him distracted on your dates.
  • Is he bored and irritating in bed?
  • Is he ignoring your presence?
  • He forgets your birthdays, anniversaries, or any such event all the time. 

If these are some of the cases, then we can say that he is ignoring you. Now let’s get to our point of the day, why is he ignoring you? 

Why Is My Boyfriend Ignoring Me? Here are 5 Reasons Why.

There are so many reasons why your boyfriend might be ignoring you, and it could simply be because he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. Honestly, sometimes men can be that clueless. But could there be more to it?

Here are the five reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you:

  1. Need Some Personal Space
  2. You Are Going So Fast With Your Relationship
  3. He Is Hesitant To Talk About His Feelings For The Relationship
  4. He Is Engaged With Things Outside Of The Relationship
  5. He Needs Breakup

1. Need Some Personal Space:

Every person has his own space other than in his relationship, work, and family. We must respect that space in order to enjoy our lives together. If you find your boyfriend ignoring you, he might need more space for himself. He might get tired of making this relationship and now wants some private time to be himself. 

As an independent woman who wants her own personal space, you must respect his needs and give him some space. Encourage him to visit his friends, hang out with them, and do things he loves to do. You will certainly see the results as men like girls that care for their needs. 

2. You Are Going So Fast With Your Relationship:

If you two just get together for two or three months and you are going so fast with your relationship that he might not want can also cause him to ignore you. He simply doesn’t want what you expect him to do, which makes sense. As a woman, you want to choose and decide about your relationship, not your partner; you want to be equally involved. 

If he thinks you are the one making decisions and choosing what to do with the relationship, just slow down your pace a bit and try to make things better. He will certainly ignore you because he is not comfortable with the speed you are taking things. 

3. He Is Hesitant To Talk About His Feelings For The Relationship:

Did you feel that he is hiding something from you or wants to tell you something, but he just can’t tell you? This might be the reason he is ignoring you because he is hesitant to talk about his feelings about the relationship. He might not be happy to want a change or do something that involves you, but he can’t talk to you. 

Instead of getting the courage to talk to you, he starts ignoring you because he is just not comfortable holding something in his mouth. 

4. He Is Engaged With Things Outside Of The Relationship:

He might be facing some challenges in his career with his family or friends that he does not want to share with you. If a man is mentally engaged with things other than their relationship, they ignore other things around them because it irritates them.

Try to explore the problem with his family or friends or his office. Just make him feel comfortable in hard times. It is observed that this might cause him to ignore you because he is just too mentally busy with other stuff and does not want to disturb you with such things. 

5. He Wants To Breakup:

He might need a breakup if he is ignoring you a lot without any known reason, and after you dig things to find out it’s nothing. If you are noticing his ignorance and strange behavior like late homecomings, late-night texting and calls, strange friends that you have never seen, and his rude behavior, he might need a breakup with you. 

You need to have a talk with him regarding this and ask him to answer you about his behavior. There might be a good chance that this is just how you think things are, but it is not true. 

Easy Tips To Fix It:

It is quite easy to fix an ignoring boyfriend. You just have to be yourself and make some extra effort, and he will surely start taking interest in you. Here are some easy tips.

  • Get To The Root of the Relationship Problem
  • Find a Way to Spark Your Relationship

Find The Cause And Solve It:

If you want to get your boyfriend to start taking interest in you, simply find the cause of why he is ignoring you. If you know the reason, try to solve it. Have a conversation with him and ask him about what makes him behave this way. If you think there is something from your side that is making him ignore you, fix it. 

If the reason that is making him ignore you is on his side, help him get over it. If you think it is something that you cannot solve and he is not interested, get over him. 

Find a Way to Spark Your Relationship:

By sparking a new life in your relationship, you are making him take interest in you. Do things he likes, wear what he likes, have romantic moments, try new things in your bed, and remember some beautiful moments that you have shared with him. 

A man usually attracts women who care for them and their likings and dislikes. Just make him comfortable around you, and you will find him taking interest in you. 

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Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me?

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