Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Cheating On Me?

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Cheating On Me?

To find out that your boyfriend has cheated on you has to be one of the most devastating things you can go through. Sadly it’s not uncommon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone ask, Why does my boyfriend keep cheating on me? It’s utterly heartbreaking.

To me, there is nothing worse than infidelity. You pour all of your heart into a relationship to find out he violated your trust and was intimate with someone else. That’s my hard limit. Cheating is just not something I’m able to forgive.


It’s true, not all men cheat, but when it happens to you, it feels like your world has been turned upside down. All you want to know is why? For some reason, we as women have to know the answer, why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

Cheating is something that is utterly intolerant in a relationship.

There can be no excuse for anyone to reason for cheating on their partner. Still, there are some people who find it worthy of explanation.

To me, there is never an excuse for cheating – yet still, time and again, men try to explain how it happened. And time and again, women want to know why. Even if we know the answer, does it somehow change the fact that he cheated on you? Of course not, yet here we are asking ourselves, why does my boyfriend keep cheating on me?

If you find yourself in such a situation where you have to experience such a boyfriend, it can be quite bad for your mental health and your experience with future relationships. 

According to the Journal of Marriage and Divorce USA, around 70% of married men cheat once in their marriage. Another study from the LA Intelligence Detective Agency states that around 69% of marriage breakups happen because of cheating. With all of these stats in mind, you might think this is the end, but it is not. These things are a harsh reality, but life goes on and finds you a better person for you. 

The first question that might come up to someone’s mind is why it happens. Why does my boyfriend keep on cheating on me? Why does he always look for other girls? Well, this is what we try to cover in our guide to help you find the right answers. 


5 Reasons My Boyfriend Keeps Cheating On Me:

Different studies suggest different reasons why a boyfriend keeps cheating on you, here, we will discuss the five most common reasons why it happens. You may differ with the findings as every human has different nature and has different reasons, but these are the tested and the most common reason why it happens. 

  1. He Wants To Get Over You
  2. He Has Different Relationship Goals
  3. He Cannot Control Himself
  4. He Is Under Bad Influence
  5. He Is Used To It

1. He Wants To Get Over You:

This is the most common reason why a boyfriend cheats. If a boy gets into a relationship and does not find it as per his expectations, he wants to get over it quickly rather than wasting time and making it worth it. Things get worse when he does not know how to say that and breaks up. 

So the easiest way they found is to cheat and get rid of the girl. Though it is something that is truly unacceptable, it still happens. Another reason attached to this is his lack of interest in you, which leads him to either go for his ex or get into a new relationship with you. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, then simply part ways and get over him before he dumps you. It is always your call to make the decision whether you want to keep up with a guy who wants to dump you or you are mature enough to get over it and find yourself a boy worthy of you. 

2. He Has Different Relationship Goals:

Another reason why boyfriends cheat is that they have different relationship goals than yours.  Putting you in his place, you want to be an independent woman who wants to make the decision for herself and do what you want to be, imagine you end up being a guy who wants you to be a housewife and do what he likes to do. What will you do? Either you spend some time with him to comfort him with your thoughts and what you want to do. 

If it does not work, you want to part ways with him and go for some with your thoughts. This is exactly what happens with boys, but instead of breaking up gracefully, he cheats on you so you will part ways rather than him. In such relationships, boyfriends initially try to make things work, but once they are sure, they start looking for someone else and cheat on you. 

If you think by expressing your love, he will be with you forever, you are wrong. Your boy has his priorities set, and he does not want to be with you at all. At the end of the day, it is your call to decide whether you want to be with this guy or get over him. 

3. He Cannot Control Himself:

Some men find it very difficult to control their temptation around women. They always look for other women to satisfy their never-ending temptation. You can call it some kind of behavior that makes them go crazy around women and cheat on their girls. 

You may observe your boy for this if you think that is the reason your boyfriend cheats on you. He is always looking for signals, always close to girls flirting and making bad jokes around them. These types of people never stop cheating on their girls, they always look for new ones once they get over others. 

Being in a relationship with such people is always very difficult and toxic. If you think you can stop him with your love, go for it, but being so long with someone like that can be mental stress. If you are good with an open relationship where both of you are good with such things, go for it, or it is the right time to part your ways. 

4. He Is Under Bad Influence:

A bad influence can be toxic for your man. You think your boyfriend never cheats on you, but his friends or social circle think cheating is okay. This is another reason which leads boys to cheat on their girls. 

In a casual get-together with friends, some new girls are coming over, a good friend of your boy dear your boyfriend to go ask the girl. And because of that peer pressure, your boy goes up to that girl and asks him over. As they both get drunk, they hook up together. As it’s too late, they both talk for a while and even meet sometimes after that hookup. 

This is what a bad influence can lead to and make your boy cheat on you. Sometimes, this can be corrected by making your boyfriend realize what he did was bad, and he has to apologize and never do that again, but first, he has to get rid of that bad influence. If you think this can work, make it work, but if you think it is just a waste of time, get over him. 

5. He Is Used To It:

If a boy cheats over his girls and gets over it without being caught, this encourages him to do that over and over again. In some cases, this is what happens with girls: they end up with guys who are used to cheating as they have never gotten caught before, and they think they will never get caught again. 

According to the LA Intelligence Detective Agency, around 74% of Men admit that they will cheat if they are sure they will never get caught. You cannot change a long-lasting habit. All you can do is try your best to make him feel guilty for his deeds and put some effort into being with you. 

It is your call to decide what you want to do with such a man. Is it worthy of your time, or is it just another jerk who wants to use you? 

It Is Never Too Late To Make The Right Decision

Cheating cannot be tolerated for whatever reason it is a higher level of betrayal in a relationship. Without loyalty, there is nothing left in a relationship. If you end up being with the wrong guy, make things right by leaving him and finding someone you think is right for you, as it is never too late to make the right decision. 

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Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Cheating On Me?

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