Why Don’t Men Call?

Why Don’t Men Call?

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear about men is, why don’t men call? (or text)

This is also one of the easiest questions to answer. The answer is, he’s not calling you because he’s not interested. Yep. I said it. I went there.


Men aren’t overly complicated creatures. If they like you, you will know it because they will go out of their way to make sure you know it but spending time with you, or trying to spend time with you. They will call you, text you, come by and see you and heck, even send you flowers.

Men are very obvious about their intentions. If a man likes you, he will pay attention to you. I’ve said it before, but clearly I need to say it again because people still keep asking ….

If a man doesn’t call you or doesn’t try to make contact with you, it’s because his attention is elsewhere.

You don’t need to call him.

You don’t need to text him.

Doing so won’t change his mind. If he wants to call you, he will call you. If he wants to text you, he will text you. If he wants to see you, he will go out of his way to make it happen. If he isn’t doing that, you aren’t going to change his mind by calling him or texting him.


If he doesn’t call you, it’s time to move on and find someone who is actually into you. You deserve better. You deserve a man who is as hot for you as you are for him. Don’t you agree?



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Tracy Tegan
Tracy Tegan has spent the last seventeen years as a professional blogger about relationships, dating, and issues pertaining to gender equality at girl.pw. In her spare time, she writes romance novels that are available at Amazon.  You can check out Tracy Tegan's latest romance novel, Crescent Moon at Amazon.

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Why Don’t Men Call?

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