Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

If you spend any amount of time on the new social media platform TikTok you’ve no doubt seen some of those “Glow Up” transformation videos. Some are pretty impressive, but one more so than any other.

One woman’s video has racked up more than 16.8 million views on TikTok after she shared her drastic ‘new look’.


Jaqueline Alarcão went viral after posting a series of photos showing her to have crooked and overlapping teeth which protruded from her mouth to have a set of pearly whites most people dream of.

She captioned the clip: “Before and after I married a dental surgeon.”

Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

Jaqueline, from Brazil, has more than 151,000 followers on TikTok and 15,000 on Instagram, and the post was widely shared as people were left stunned by the transformation.

As millions and millions of people viewed and shared the video, it also attracted more than 10,000 comments. Many were left in awe, as one wrote: “Amazing!! So glad he could fix that for you.” Another said: “Well that’s a glow up!” Cosmetic surgeons and beauty professionals even shared it on their social media channels to praise the work.

Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

As more and more people viewed Jaqueline’s clip, some spoke out to question if the transformation had been faked, as many claimed it was ‘not possible’.


And it turns out they were right to be skeptical.

After the ‘transformation’ blew up online, Jaqueline has since admitted that she jokingly fake it by wearing a set of fake teeth.

Posting a follow up video, she showed herself using the prop before revealing her real smile with the caption: “I managed to troll you guys!”

Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

“I knew they were fake!!” one person wrote in response. “Many people believed in your change.”

“Deceived me,” another person wrote.

After duping millions of viewers, Jaqueline has since posted a string of videos featuring the false teeth.

Many fans claimed they had spotted that the teeth weren’t real from the start, with one writing: “People who believe those are real probably believe vampire ones in movies are real too.”

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Woman fakes social media “glow up” and gets caught!

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