Women Reveal Some of the Worst Men They've Met

Women Reveal Some of the Worst Dates They’ve Been On

There have been some really crazy guys I’ve met in my life so I figured other girls might have had similar experiences. Here are some of the best stories I was able to gather from friends and friends of friends …

I met the nicest guy online but when it came time to our first date it was a nightmare. He kept talking about himself in the third person. It was the most awkward date of my life.

I once dated a guy that was 100 pounds overweight and he actually broke up with me because he felt I wasn’t doing enough to keep my weight down.


I went on a date with this guy and the waiter took our drink order first. He ordered water and I ordered a glass of wine, a housewife at that, which cost less than $5. He gave me a strange look but I didn’t care. The whole conversation was off after that. When the bill arrived he said that I needed to pay for my drinks because doesn’t condone that kind of behavior. I threw a $20 on the table and walked out of that place. Screw that guy. Needless to say I never spoke to him again.

I met a guy on Match.com and he seemed great. We talked on the phone several times and I really thought he was just the nicest guy ever. When it came time to actually meet things didn’t go so well. He was in a really bad mood and when I asked him about it he started going off about some woman I assumed was his ex and how she purposely screwed up his day by rescheduling their court hearing. I was trying to be a good date and listen politely to his story. Turns out he wasn’t talking about his ex-wife. It was actually a court hearing about some girl who had accused him of rape and his court hearing was rescheduled and that was what he was upset about. He couldn’t get his bond money refunded until the court hearing was over and he was cursing the actual victim of his sexual assault. I couldn’t believe it. So yeah, let’s just say that was the last time I talked to that loser.

I took an Uber to the bar where I was meeting my date. We start talking and he mentions he is also meeting someone at the same bar. Turns out the Uber driver was the guy was my date. It was too awkward of a meeting after that ride and things just didn’t work out.

I went on a date with this jerk who was so upset when I showed up five minutes late to our date that when I got there he looked at his watch, said his time was more valuable than this. Then he got up and walked out of the restaurant, leaving me with the bill for the two drinks he had ordered.

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Women Reveal Some of the Worst Dates They’ve Been On

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