Horrible First Date Ideas

Horrible First Date Ideas

So you met a great guy and now it’s time for your first date. The question isn’t just where should you go but where you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look at some horrible first date ideas …

Horrible First Date Ideas


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Drinks at a Bar

There are a few reasons why having drinks at a bar is a bad idea. The first is that when you are on a first date you don’t want to add alcohol in that mix. You want to keep your head on straight so you can make sure and put your best foot forward. The other reason it is a bad idea is because bars tend to be loud. You can’t really talk at a bar with all that noise.

Going to a Movie

While people have been going on movie dates for years and years, it’s actually a horrible first date idea because it’s not a place you can really get to know each other. You can’t really talk in a movie theater. So if you can’t talk to your date, then you will never get to know him and know if he’s worth your time.

Group Activities

Everyone is nervous going on a first date and sometimes people might think it’s a good idea to bring a long a friend or two or three, to ease the pressure, but in reality that’s a horrible idea for a first date. This is such a bad idea. It’s like putting your poor date in front of the firing squad.

A Wedding

Seriously don’t even consider for a moment about taking a guy you haven’t been with for at least a few months to a wedding. Talk about making a guy feel the pressure. There is probably no way to scare a guy off faster than to take him as your date to a wedding. That’s just way to much pressure.

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Horrible First Date Ideas

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