Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

News broke today that the woman who paid to look like Angelina Jolie was arrested for what the Iranian government called ‘moral corruption’.  If you’ve spent any time on social media you’ve no doubt seen this picture, of a woman who claimed to have cosmetic surgery in an effort to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie.

Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics


Her name is Sahar Tabar, and she is from Iran. She made a series of Instagram posts, all with the outlandish claim that she underwent cosmetic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie. Her Instagram account at one time had more than 400,000 followers, however, that account has since been deleted. All the other ones out there bearing her name are fake.

Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

Only it turns out the whole thing was a big fat lie. This is what she actually looks like.

Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

According to Iranian authorities, it was all done through makeup trickery and Photoshop.

How was this even possible? Well, anyone who spends any amount of time on YouTube has no doubt seen just how easily a person can transform themselves with makeup. There are special effects makeup artists like Glam&Gore who even give tutorials on how to do it.


Then there is yuyamika7, the makeup artist who uses makeup to make herself look like all kinds of different celebs. In this video, she turned herself into Taylor Swift.

Another Youtuber known as PONY Syndrome does the same thing. Here is her version of Taylor Swift.

So, as you can see, it is not only possible, it’s something done all the time.

This Sahar Tabar, however, decided to take it to another level, that the authorities claim was ain an effort to make the photos go viral so she could scam her followers.


Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

Sahar Tabar, now faces charges of blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through inappropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption.

She was arrested after members of the public made complaints about her. She was detained on the orders of Tehran’s guidance court, which handles “cultural crimes and social and moral corruption.”

However, did she really try to scam her followers, or was she just a young girl having fun? She originally claimed to have undergone 50 plastic surgeries. However, in an interview with the Russian media in 2017, Sahar Tabar said she doctored the photos just to ‘amuse herself.’ “This is Photoshop and makeup,” she reportedly told Russian media outlet Sputnik in 2017. “Every time I publish a photo, I paint my face in an increasingly funny way.” She added: “It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art. My fans know that this is not my real face.”

There was no evidence she ever attempted to get money from anyone by posting her pictures. So I’m not really sure where the claims of a “scam” came in, other than she lied just because she wanted to be famous. While I admit lying is wrong, most people knew that by looking at those pics, they weren’t real. It wasn’t like she was an expert at Photoshop. It was clear the photos were all doctored.

Her nose was the real dead giveaway. Your nose doesn’t look drastically different in every single photo.

She even came clean and told the truth in 2017. She said it was all just makeup and Photoshop. So why now is she being arrested?

Even worse, she’s facing the death penalty.

The punishment here clearly doesn’t fit the crime.

Lying is wrong, and I understand they want to make an example of her so that others don’t try and trick the public, but she shouldn’t be put to death for it. That’s going way too far.

Update: After weeks of widespread protests in Iran, Sahar Tabar was released after serving 14 months of her ten year sentence. When she was released she went on records and said, “She said she had undergone some cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, lip fillers, and liposuction, but stressedthe infamous images were due to makeup and editing.”



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Young Girl Faces Death Penalty For Fake Instagram Pics

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