What to never say to your boyfriend

Got a question this week that asked me what I thought one of the worst things a girlfriend could say to a man that on the surface may seem harmless. That’s such a great question and there are so many ways I could answer that but then something happened last night and it hit me. Now I know exactly what I want to say. Ladies, never say “You’re the only person I can talk to”, to your boyfriend.

That’s a heavy load you are putting on him and if things between you are already on shaky ground, it may just be the thing that tips the skills and makes him run the other way. He’s your boyfriend. He doesn’t want to be your girlfriend, your sister, or your mom. Come on now. Give the guy a break. Don’t put that much pressure on a guy. If you want him to know he means a lot to you or that you value his judgment then just say that, but using that word, only is just too much. Tell him that you like talking to him because he really gets you. I’ll probably get a kick out of that. But to make him feel like all the pressures of being the only person in the entire world he can talk to is the wrong thing to say.

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What to never say to your boyfriend

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